Monday, July 13, 2009

ECW "take it home"

On Sat. July 11th, the ECW's keynote speaker was Phyllis Tickle who in speaking to us on our theme--Grow in Grace--pointed out that grace is beauty--not something we earn; we can not make ourselves beautiful--we can do things to look pretty, but we can not make beauty. Jesus didn't speak about grace, but the angel's greeting was "Hail Mary, full of Grace"! The ECW, as the largest network within the Episcopal Church IS working in so many ways in Growing in Grace. Phyllis Tickle also talked about Emergence Christianity & our current "Angli-mergence", the current very dynamic time in the life of the church.

Later that morning we had our "Share Fair" -- with a dozen tables set up around the room displaying ideas for Outreach--with handouts that the delegates could take home. In the afternoon we had our first set of workshops, many with practical ideas for the delegates to use in their home dioceses & parishes.

On Sunday, July 12th, we all attended the marvelous Eucharist where the House of Deputies, the House of Bishops, the Triennial Meeting and many visitors worshipped together with the Presiding Bishop as the celebrant & preacher. The United Thank Offering Ingathering is a part of this special service & Susan Lau, the UTO Coordinator for the Diocese of Ohio presented Ohio's offering. (see her picture elsewhere on this blog).

A 2nd & 3rd set of workshops were held Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening we were all "blown away" with the performance of Elizabeth Von Trapp, all in support of the Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative. Her voice & songs were not only wonderful, but she also spoke to us about her grandparents coming to this country & her subsequent concern about the victims of hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans. What a charming as well as such a talented woman!! She has offered to take her songs and story "on the road" in support of Jericho Road; so I will be working on bringing Elizabeth Von Trapp to Cleveland!

Nancy Sherwin

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