Tuesday, July 7, 2009

California, here we come!

Good morning or rather Good afternoon to you faithful folks in Ohio!
Thankfully I'm still on Ohio time and I hope I can stay that way as it makes getting up here on the west coast a lot easier! Things are starting to gear up here in Anaheim. The Convention center is decked out. Folks from the Diocese of Los Angeles are out in scores to welcome everyone to the 76th General Convention and their excitement and hospitality are catching. Committee meetings started bright and early this morning and at 4 p.m. Pacific coast time, 7 p.m. EST there will be an orientation for newbies like myself. I haven't seen anyone from our diocese yet but my plane arrived late last evening and I'm sure everyone is up and around! Pray for us and pray for our church! I'm looking forward to this "family reunion" and pray for the gift of God's Spirit on our efforts!

Brian K. Wilbert
C2 from Ohio

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